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I'm from Brazil and I do not speak Russian.
I would like help with BCD to boot through HD after rebooting Windows installed with 78Setup contained in SergeiStrelec.
Could you send a sample BCD file, similar to the command used in menu.lst below?
The BCD would have the Boot from HD entry and would perform something similar to the command below.
map --unhook
map --unmap=0:0xff && map --rehook
ls /shifthd.bat > nul || find --set-root --devices=hf /shifthd.bat
if "%RDSK%"=="" pause Fatal error while swapping hard disk order, cannot continue! && configfile /menu.lst
pause --wait=1 Booting MBR on hd0 ...
chainloader (hd0)+1


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Sorry for my english, because i don't speak english very well! If I understand you correctly then it's a crutch for grub4dos file (with any extension). BCD to choose "real mode grub", you specify the path to it.
the theme of the crutches (please use the yandex or google translator) and XBplus by Conty9 utility to generate a "crutch" on the basis of Xorboot 0.73 to download bootmgr/grldr/ntldr

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